Muscle Mass Specialist

Muscle Mass Specialist services offered in Edmond, OK

If you’ve noticed changes in your body’s composition, muscle mass specialist Heather Kennedy, PA-C, can help. At Refine Medical in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, treatments are available to slow muscle loss and help you remain healthy and strong. Booking a visit is a matter of a simple call or a few clicks of the mouse, so don’t delay.

Muscle Mass Q&A

Why am I losing a significant portion of muscle mass?

Many things can contribute to reduced muscle mass, but the aging process is the primary culprit. As you move through life, your natural hormone production declines. This can leave you with less testosterone, a hormone critical for building and retaining muscle mass. 

Low testosterone has a more significant effect on men, but women also need certain levels of testosterone to thrive. When levels decline, reduced muscle mass is a primary symptom. 

Reduced hormone production is a normal part of the aging process, but that doesn’t mean you must accept muscle loss as an inevitable part of growing older. Treatments like hormone replacement therapy (HRT) can help and are among the services available at Refine Medical.  

How can a muscle mass specialist help?

Working with a muscle mass specialist is a great way to slow muscle loss and reverse the effects by building new muscle tissue. That process begins with a physical exam and blood testing to determine your current hormone production levels. 

If hormone replacement therapy is needed, Refine Medical offers HRT using bioTE® bioidentical hormones. This system uses small pellets placed beneath the surface of your skin to deliver steady supplementation over time. 

Human growth hormone (HGH) peptides are another option for treating reduced muscle mass. These particular proteins stimulate your body’s natural growth hormone production, which helps prevent muscle loss while also enabling you to build new muscle mass easily. 

Are there ways to prevent muscle loss?

Your dietary choices factor into the way your body produces muscle tissue. Consuming enough lean protein is a great way to ensure your body has what it needs to build and retain muscle mass. Many animal products contain protein, but you can also consume beans, yogurt, and skim milk to up your levels. 

Altering your workout routines is also an excellent way to maintain a healthy amount of muscle mass. Many people achieve impressive results using progressive resistance training (PRT), which gradually increases repetitions, weight, and sets, as your strength and endurance improve. 

If you’d like to explore these or other muscle mass treatments in greater detail, call to find an appointment time that fits your schedule or book online in a matter of moments.